Are Amara contacts FDA approved?
Amara contact lenses is a luxurious brand that makes contacts for cosmetic purposes too. Available in a wide array of beautiful colors, Amara contact lenses are available on online stores such as Eyewa.com at affordable prices. The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) considers eye contact lenses as medical devices. Hence, all the rules and regulations of medical devices are also applicable for Amara contact lenses. It is mandatory for the contact lenses of any brand to comply with the FDA regulations. Amara contact lenses abide by these regulations and are FDA approved. Always remember that the eye contacts including Amara contact lenses directly touch your eyes and hence safety is of utmost importance. It is necessary that you purchase only FDA approved lenses such as Amara lenses. FDA considers sale of non-approved eye contacts illegal. Always look for the FDA approved mark on the pack when you buy your next pair of contacts.
Can colored contacts damage your eyes?
Typically, color contact lenses do not damage your eyes and are safe for use. It is necessary that you follow proper instructions while using your Amara contact lenses. You may not need a valid prescription to choose properly fitted contact lenses when you are opting for pure colored contact lenses without any vision correction. Ill-fitting lenses are not comfortable and additionally may produce scratches over your eyes and damage them, thus its important to choose a well fitting pair from the right brand. Pigments in colored contacts may restrict the oxygen entering the eye through the lenses. Improper cleaning and storing of lenses causes eye infections. You may buy contacts such as Amara lenses online, for your cosmetic and corrective vision needs, from Eyewa.com. Amara contact lenses are comfortable for the eyes and also come in different shades to choose from. Following the proper replacement schedule mentioned on your Amara contact lenses pack will help you use them safely. Whether you choose the Amara desert rose lenses or Amara mocha lenses, proper cleaning and storing will ensure that your color contacts do not damage your eyes.
Why do contacts expire?
Contact lenses are regarded as any other medical device. Therefore, all contact lenses come with an expiry date just like any other medical device. Contact lenses are sterile products, immediately packaged and sealed into sterilized containers at the time of manufacture. Once you open them, they lose their sterility and are exposed to the environment. They may get contaminated if proper care is not taken. Contaminated contacts can cause eye infections and serious eye damage. Hence, all contact lenses from Amara lenses come with an expiry date. Even in the sealed condition, deposits may accumulate on the contacts. Therefore, it is dangerous to use contacts after expiration even if they are packed. When you purchase your favorite brand such as Amara contact lenses, be sure to look at the replacement schedule that is provided to you. For example, you may look at the product insert that comes with your Amara lenses which says that you need a monthly replacement of your Amara contact lenses. From the date of use, you should discard the Amara lenses within exactly one month's period.